Little Coffee Company: Jamaican Inspired. Championing Women.

The Little Coffee Company sells coffee – in bags and tins, that can be refilled. Lauren Le Franc, a barrister and a proud Jamaican – launched the brand in 2018.

The packages are designed by up-and-coming artists back in Nigeria. The coffee is ethically-sourced from Ethiopia (straight from the farm), before being roasted in London, with Sweet and floral notes of lemon and apricot.

There’s also a Jamaican Blue Mountain Roasted Coffee, which is produced in the Jamaican mountains. Also, customers can also enjoy a wide range of coffee sets, coffee makers, and coffee filter presses to make each coffee experience more pleasurable.

Born and raised in Jamaica, Lauren’s love for food and culture inspired her to build a brand with purpose, with a vision to create ‘a people’s product’ that is proudly made by women.

Lauren started out in the coffee industry when she was still living in her hometown. She traveled up and down the narrow roads to the top of mountains where the best coffees could be found.

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She noticed the expensive coffees being grown, but she believed that they lacked in heritage and stories, as many business owners would be oblivious to the coffee’s origins, so she would ask about it. She wanted to create a brand that didn’t compromise on quality; that paid women farmers an above average wage.

The Little Coffee Company works with the charity, SolarAid, by donating 0.20p per tin to help support families with their solar lamps.

“My brand has grown from strength to strength. The Little Coffee Company is at the heart of the community, I believe that I have created a brand that doesn’t compromise on quality, that pays people in developing communities what they deserve,” said Lauren.

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