Ökoform Heated Desks: Save Money On Your Energy Bills.

‘The cost of living crisis.’ Looking to reduce your energy bills and save some money? Ökoform‘s heated desks are the perfect way to reduce your bills this XMAS.

The desks launched into the public arena on BBC Dragons’ Den in March earlier on this year.

Although Peter Waine didn’t win an investment from any of the Dragons, he did go on to win the Green Hero Award from Channel 4’s Grand Designs, which raised the brand’s profile enough to get Ökoform listed with various high profile stockists. “Never give up” is Peter’s motto.

It was during his fifteen-year career in commercial office and interior design, that Peter noticed problems with heating in the workplace: “I often saw arguments about the temperature in the office. Some people wanted to be in a warmer working environment, and others preferred it cooler. I think most of us have seen this, the “thermostat war!” he said.

This inspired Peter to begin working on a design for a heated desk, leading to Ökoform being born in 2021.

After realising the huge money-saving potential of his heated desks, Peter decided to patent the design.

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Our desks perform really well in shared offices, where workers can warm themselves if they’re not happy with the temperature of the office. They’re also fantastic for homeworkers. They’re a great solution if you’re working in a cold room, and you don’t want the expense of using a fan heater, or to heat the entire house,” said Peter.

By the time you’re done making your cup of tea, your Ökoform desk will already be warm – helping you save money on your electricity and gas,” he added.

The secret to Ökoform‘s success has been it’s cost-saving benefits, which has been proven by independent studies from Brighton University, which found the desks to be 90% cheaper to run than having a fan heater in the room.

Find out more here: https://okoform.com