Talolo Boots’ Original Cowboy Wellies: Where Style Meets Mud

Launched in 2019: Talolo Boots (the waterproof version of cowboy boots). They’re the perfect way to complete your outfit at a music festival OR on a muddy walk.

With cowboy boots being back on trend right now, be sure to check out Talolo Boots’ waterproof alternative. They’re smart, they’re stylish, and… they look more like a boot, and less like a welly. Also, they’re comfy (thanks to their soft gel heel), they’re vegan, they’re made from sustainably sourced rubber, AND they’re lined in natural cotton.

The boots are perfect for outdoor events, races, polo matches, dog walks, and festivals. Instead of ruining a perfectly good pair of leather or suede boots when it’s wet and muddy outside, try a Talolo Boot, instead.

Phillipa Whitney and her sister Lucy Stoddart front the business. Previously, Lucy ran a corporate events’ business for more than twenty years, which was where the inspiration for Talolo Boots came from (see below).

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“We often found ourselves meeting clients in a board room, followed by a site recce, either in a soggy muddy field, or we would start off in a field before having a meeting inside. Either way, we never had the right footwear,” said Lucy.

“Either we’d have our smart shoes ruined outside, or we’d wear clumpy wellies inside. Neither were ideal. So we knew that there had to be an alternative, and then we came across these cowboy wellies, and we knew they were the answer!”

Find out more here: https://www.taloloboots.com