Bourn Beautiful Naturals: The Vegan Hair And Body Care Range

Launched in 2017, Bourn Beautiful Naturals is a Black-woman-owned brand that makes ‘nasties-free,’ solution-based products for textured hair and sensitive skin.

They’re free from sulphates, parabens, silicones phthalates, DEA/TEA, petroleum, mineral oil, wheat, and gluten. The body-care range is formulated for sensitive skin, and for wheat/gluten allergies, with fragrance-free options available.

The brain behind the brand, is Dr. Kadian Pow – who started her business while she was completing a Sociology PhD at Birmingham City University (BCU). Kadian’s professional background is in education and community partnership management in the museum world of Washington, DC. After moving to the UK in 2010, she gained some experience in retail and in customer services, too.

In 2014, Kadian created a conditioner for her dry, easily-knotted, curly hair. Her ambition at the time was to address one pain point. However, following the success of the product, she created a list of other hair and skin care challenges, before setting out to find solutions for them all.

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“Passing down a sense of joy and care-taking through the products I make is important to me. There’s a lot of pain, strife, and sorrow in the world, and if what I do could be a small part of relieving that after a long day, that’s a great legacy to leave in the world, which makes me feel really purposeful,” said Kadian.

Bourn Beautiful Naturals was proudly named as ‘A Brand To Watch,’ by Harpar’s Bazar magazine.

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