SAVY Wellness®: Supplements For Your Simple Vitamin Routine.

Launched by Sara Gamay and Victoria Otamiri in September this year, SAVY Wellness® simplifies wellness + positively impacts people’s health through supplements.

Sara Gamay and Victoria Otamiri struggled to find the perfect vitamin routine to fit their busy schedules. SAVY Wellness® eliminates complex vitamin routines with the launch of their new product,  ‘Daily Hero’ – which aims to be the most comprehensive supplement formula on the market for beauty and wellness; promising multiple health benefits quickly and easily, including an energy, immunity, and skin vitality boost.

‘Daily Hero’ is a high-performance, all-in-one supplement powder drink. It’s a collagen-supercharged product that eliminates the need for multiple pills, by combining 21 natural ingredients that support energy, skin, and immunity – comparable to taking up to 20 pills.

The product Improves daily health, provides more energy and focus, supports glowing skin, strengthens hair and nails, strengthens immunity, improves sleep, and enhances mood, and it’s pre-portioned in daily sachets. After working with expert nutritionists in search of the best supplements, and after interviewing hundreds of women on their wellness needs, Sara and Victoria set out to create simple and effective supplements that use natural ingredients.

“The supplement category is confusing, and people don’t know what to take and how much to take,” explained Sara (who has a background in consumer goods and innovation). “Like many women, we spent time and money buying dozens of health products. Ultimately, the biggest challenge was to incorporate the different pills and steps, so we decided to fix that with an all-in-one solution,” added Victoria (who has a scientific background).

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The duo teamed up with the leading clinical nutritionist and formulator, Dr. Claudia Gravaghi, who said: “Daily Hero works through a multi-mechanism approach, meaning that it targets many different biological pathways, in one step. We hope that by offering women a smarter way to take their vitamins, they can live healthier lives.”

Just two months since launching, SAVY Wellness® has already been shortlisted for ‘Best Beauty Supplement’ at the Pure Beauty Awards London 2022, and they’ve been selected to pitch to Selfridges wellness buyers at an event.

But their proudest achievement is the results in their product trials with their initial users: with regards to energy, 90% of Savy Wellness Daily Hero users experienced higher energy levels within a week, and after weeks 2 and 3, a significant majority also experienced improved skin appearance, better moods, less sugar cravings, better sleep, and they felt like they had a stronger immune defense.

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