Get And Stay Hydrated (With A Hydration Movement Eco-Bottle)

Hydration Movement has designed a sleek new range – of eco friendly, reusable water bottles. The founders are on a mission to remind customers to stay hydrated.

The bottles feature a timed marker to remind customers to take a few sips each hour. Also:

  • They’re planet-conscious.
  • They fit perfectly into a hand, car, or bag,
  • They’ve been designed against disposal, using premium quality materials,
  • They’re Tritan certified, and…
  • They’re BPA-free.

Hydration Movement’s Signature Collection includes Black and White bottles, with rose gold or pewter lids.

  • The twist-off brass lids include silicone gaskets for a tight seal,
  • The see-through plastic provides a clear view of water levels,
  • The practical-sized mouth-opening means you can drink easily, and…
  • The bottles are big enough to contain 1L of water.

NOTE: the accessory packs include handy extras, such as a bottle brush and an ice tray, which are also available in black or white.

As well as this, Hydration Movement has launched a pink bottle in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 20% of all sales from the Pink Bottle and Accessory Packs will be donated to a Breast Cancer charities.

“Breast cancer patients are thriving, despite it being the most common type of cancer in the UK. In Australia, breast cancer is the 5th most common cause of cancer death. We want to remind people with a subtle message to check their breasts, because we understand that early detection is better than a cure. And what better reminder than on a beautiful and practical water bottle you can carry around?” said the brand’s co-founder, Sheahara.

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Gayathri Pedris (a mum of three who is based in Melbourne), and Sheahara Pandithage (a financial crime consultant who is based in London) launched Hydration Movement in 2021.

Sheahara wasn’t drinking enough water, and this became apparent when she started to feel unwell after yoga sessions. Her doctor confirmed that this was due to lack of water.

After extensive research, the duo discovered that roughly 75% of the planet has a hydration problem. This inspired them to create a product that would hydrate more people across the globe in an effective way.

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