Stop Avian Disease Now (With A Finches Friend Bird Feeder).

‘Reduce the transmission.’  Finches Friend is the world’s first-and-only bird feeder brand that was created to stop the spread of avian diseases in garden birds.

Cleaning feeders is critical to slow the dramatic decline of our feathered friends.

Trichonomosis is transmitted by a parasite that is easily spread via contaminated food and water on bird feeders and drinkers in our gardens. That’s when Finches Friend’s feeders spring into action.

Made in Britain, the product is a sustainable choice that was built to last, with components and packaging that is fully recyclable. The feeders are made from durable, UV-stabilised polycarbonate that won’t weaken or discolour.

Each feeder (available in three sizes) features a unique, removable feed station that minimises wastage, and enables easier cleaning, making them both efficient and convenient. The innovative design ensures that the feed always stays clean, dry, and safe, thanks to a unique water drainage system.

Finches Friend’s feeders are made locally in Kent. A 360 degree feeding station allows multiple birds to feed at once, and a narrowed feeding tray makes it inaccessible to larger birds, such as crows.

“I invented the Finches Friend easy clean feeder after witnessing Trichonomosis kill the birds in my own garden around seven years ago. One day I found a sick bird, and a month later, all of my Greenfinches were dead. I had no clue about the problem, or the fact that I was partially responsible,” said the brand’s Founder, Dick Woods.

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“So many people take the time to invest in a feeder for their garden birds, but by not cleaning feeders regularly, they are adding to this unfolding, but largely hidden disaster. The Finches Friend Feeder system addresses this problem head on with a brilliant solution,” said Martin Hughes-Games, the wildlife presenter (a Brand Ambassador for Finches Friend).

Product development for Finches Friend started in 2016, and the business launched its first product in 2021. The brand was founded by Dick Woods, an engineer with over 40 years’ experience of product design and manufacturing. It’s a family business that is run alongside Dick’s son, Andrew Woods.

Most recently, the brand has launched their Cleaner Feeder Window, which is the only window feeder specifically created to combat the spread of disease. Its clever design is a far cry away from the industry-standard, open food concept, and stops birds from being able to walk and defecate in the feed, preventing cross contamination.

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