Batch Coffee: Espresso From Nicaragua, Colombia, + Ethiopia.

Batch Coffee‘s seasonal espresso blend consists of 3 origins: 1. Nicaragua, 2. Colombia, and 3. Ethiopia. The medium roast ensures that it’s smooth, + balanced.

It can be enjoyed as an espresso, but equally, it has the body to cut through milk-based espresso drinks, such as flat whites and lattes.

Batch Coffee was launched in 2020 by Tom Saxon and Laura Selby. As well as offering their own original espresso blend, there’s also a subscription option, too.

Tom and Laura both worked in the coffee industry, prior to launching their brand.

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Tom cut his teeth in the Australian coffee industry as a barista, before moving into roasting coffee, both in Sydney, and in Manchester. Laura began her coffee journey in Australia at some of Sydney’s busiest cafes. She’s also the proud owner of Woven Rosa, a sustainable, unique interiors and home-ware brand.

Although coffee subscription boxes already existed in the UK at the time of launching, the market lacked a professionally curated box option. “We wanted to celebrate the incredible coffee that we have in the UK, and showcase the very best coffee that they produce,” said Tom.

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