Active Silver: Keep Your Pooch Healthy (One Spoon At A Time)

Active Silver: a brand new, all-natural animal care range, with a focus on prevention + treatment for humans and animals. The products contain Colloidal Silver.

With a headquarters in Berkshire, and an expert team of innovators, Active Silver is the leading producer of Colloidal Silver in the UK. They’ve been creating natural products with Colloidal Silver for seven years.

Now, they’re launching their own animal care range.

Active Silver’s products are hand-crafted. They improve health, skin conditions, and wounds, as the brand’s Founder, Lucy Roberts explains:We’re passionate about the natural healing benefits of Colloidal Silver – a liquid made of nano silver particles, suspended in ultra-pure water. It can be used as an extremely effective antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and skin healing treatment, for animals and humans. We are so excited to launch this new range.”

Colloidal Silver is one of the most versatile, natural skin repair and immune system boosters on the market today. It’s a home first aid kit essential that you can use for immediate peace of mind. So before you call the vet and dig deep into your bank account, consider the powerful healing properties of Silver for your animals as a preventative treatment, or following early signs of infection.

The seeds of Active Silver were planted over thirty years ago by Dick Goodall, who saw the huge potential of Colloidal Silver in the early 1990s, whilst he was working in the water filtration industry.

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Having previously had Pneumonia, Dick suffered from colds and sinus problems, so he began to investigate Colloidal Silver for improving his own health. After taking up to 30ml a day for two years, the viruses stopped completely.

By using his experience in industrial applications – together with his own health transformation, Dick went on to develop an advanced electrolysis technique to make high quality colloidal silver, forming the basis for Active Silver.

Dick’s daughter Lucy (who worked in Corporate Communications) saw the potential of her father’s work. As a mum of three young children, having a natural go-to product and an alternative to antibiotics was huge for Lucy, who like many parents, wanted to keep her family as healthy as possible in the most natural way possible. This first-hand experience of understanding her customers’ needs drove Lucy to set up Active Silver with her Dad seven years ago.

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