Kin Yoga Mats: Aesthetically Refined, Yoga Travel Mats.

Launched in 2018 by Laura Pearce (a breath-work practitioner and psychologist) Kin Yoga fuses luxurious comfort + grip, – with an alluring, contemporary design.

Kin PRO mats are designed with a unique tri-layer build.

Their signature smooth tactile surface features a solid grip, a mid layer with micro air pockets (to provide next-level comfort cushioning), and a 100% natural rubber tread base layer – to grip the floor like tires grip the road.

Laura spent several years developing the Kin concept. Her current collection includes high-end Kin PRO Mats, all-in-one silky soft highly absorbent mats, and… lightweight foldable travel mats. Laura’s vision for Kin was born from a desire for comfort and performance. She wanted her yoga mat(s) to be functional, and to feel as smooth and as luxurious on the skin as cashmere.

Laura suffered with a breathing condition (that was mistakenly diagnosed for asthma by her GPs) for many years since childhood. After graduating from Sussex University with a degree in Psychology in 2011, she became fascinated with breathing exercises and practices such as Pranayama (traditional Yogic breath-work). Her discovery led her to India, where she embarked on a yoga teacher training course at the Hatha Yoga Institute in sunny Kerala, Southern India.

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“I love the fact that breath-work applies to everyone. It’s not a niche ‘woo woo’ modality. It’s backed by basic science, and I genuinely believe that learning to breathe optimally is one of the most profound and powerful things we can do for the well-being of our mind, body and soul,” said Laura.

Kin seeks to ‘give back’ to the wild, and to the wonderful animals that inspire her designs. You’ll notice that several of her mats have associated animal charities, who’ll receive 5% of the profits when you purchase them.

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