Futliit: The School Bag That Keeps Your Kids Safe And Visible

Futliit is a solution to a common problem that’s encountered by parents (particularly in rural areas): to be seen on their walk, – during the dark winter hours.

Laura Seago launched Futliit this year, because she was unable to find a reflective bag that her daughter could happily use for high school.

They live in a rural area, so it was of paramount importance that her daughter could be seen on her walk to and from school in the winter (whilst remaining stylish, of course).

The design is a backpack that is plain enough to be accepted by school-aged children; that features LED lights that can be turned on/off – ensuring that the child is seen from behind. 

“We live in rural Warwickshire, and our village has no streetlights nor pavement. As the nights drew in, it soon became clear that she was practically invisible to drivers. I wanted her to have the independence of walking to and from the bus stop on her own, but I was really worried about her safety,” added Laura.

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And the most practical bit? There’s no need to remove the bag from the shoulders to switch the LED lights on and off. Instead, there’s a side switch.

Laura Seago started her career in PR for technology and engineering companies. Then, she set up shop as a freelance marketing and PR consultant, where she worked with a variety of small businesses.

Find out more here: https://futliit.co.uk