ZAG Drinks (The Non Alcoholic Brand) Has Launched ‘ZAG ICE.’

ZAG Drinks (the leading non alcoholic drinks’ brand) has answered the call for change in the drinks sector, with the launch of its brand new flavour, ‘ZAG ICE.’

Crafted in the UK, ZAG ICE is a 0% ABV adult soft drink that’s full of zesty ingredients, that packs a flavour-some punch, including lime, mint, juniper, and Assam tea. The drink is designed to cater to the rapidly growing consumer demand for innovative no-to-low products, and aims to rival the unimaginative copies of existing product offerings.

Serving up a fresh perspective on standard non-alcoholic alternatives (rather than replicating the taste of traditional alcoholic drinks), ZAG ICE provides a complex, grown-up soft drink. Having created the world’s first ‘social soft’ with the launch of its original flavour, ‘ZAG ICE’ remains un-apologetically bold in taste and experience, and offers health-conscious consumers a refined, ‘adult’ flavour, with a refreshing twist.

As well as being suitable for vegans and low in calories (44kcal per bottle), the new flavour is also gluten-free, and it’s free from artificial sweeteners. “We’re delighted to be launching our second flavour, ZAG ICE. ZAG ICE offers a blend of familiar citrus flavours, infused with less familiar and more ‘grown-up ingredients,’ such as juniper and Assam tea – for a more complex finish, unlike standard child-like soft drinks,” said Bonnie Hatcher, ZAG Drinks’ Managing Director.

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ZAG’s latest product launch follows their recent campaign to get every bar and pub in the UK to offer an extensive non-alcoholic menu by the end of 2024, to support growing demand from consumers. The move was inspired by the brand polling 2,000 Brits earlier this year, which found that two-thirds (58%) of respondents voted to see more options than traditional sweet soft drinks, or alcohol-free imitations of alcoholic drinks offered by hospitality venues.

At the helm of ZAG Drinks is Bonnie Hatcher. Bonnie brings a wealth of experience to ZAG, with over 10 years spent in marketing for brands including Boden and Be Military Fit. Working alongside ZAG’s co-founders, Fraser Duncan and Jerry Goldberg, the trio boasts a collective 50 years’ experience in hospitality and start-ups.

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