Babbico: Affordable Gift Set Toys For Baby Showers + Newborns

During lock-down (2020), Babbico‘s Founder Laura McBride was working as a PA, when she spotted a gap in the market for a new, affordable, luxury, baby gift set.

Laura was at the age where all of her friends were starting to have babies, and she was being invited to baby showers, gender reveals, and Christenings on a monthly basis.

She was spending a fortune on presents every month, and this was how she spotted a gap in the market for luxury, affordable baby gifts.

And lock-down 2020 provided the prime opportunity to launch her business alongside her day job.

Eager to not be on this journey alone, she approached her long-time friend, Laura Marsh, to see if she’d be interested in being part of the idea, too. And she was.

Also working as a PA, Laura Marsh loved the idea, and she thought ‘why not?’ She’d always wanted to work for herself, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. Both Laura(s) couldn’t afford to give up their full-time jobs to run the business, so they started it as a side hustle.

By using their savings, they sourced factories overseas, and they began to design and manufacture gift sets, toys, blankets, and comforters. Whilst still juggling their clients and family life, they worked on sourcing the right platform to sell on, and by October 2020, they had launched their very own website.

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Within six months, (although there were lots of ups and downs along the way), Laura & Laura were able to give up their PA roles, to pursue the business full-time, and they’ve since gone on to win contracts with major retailers.

“Special things happen when you take that first step outside your comfort zone,” said Laura & Laura.

Their most recent achievement was launching a podcast, called ‘Winging It To The Top,’ with Laura & Laura, by Babbico.

The reason they launched the podcast, is because they were struggling to get real, raw advice, and insights into running a female-founded company, so they decided to share more about their experience of running Babbico, in the hope that it would provide support to other women business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The podcast has gone from strength to strength, and they’ve had a number of influential female entrepreneurs share their stories, including Sarah Willingham from BBC’s Dragon’s Den Siobhan Freegard OBE, and more.

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