Harnessing The Power Of Haskap Berries (With Haskapa Powder)

“It’s been a rewarding few years. We’re just getting started – with new products in development, + more research underway” said Haskapa‘s Founder, Dr Evie Kemp.

Haskapa’s powder contains 100% organic haskap berries. The product is made from 100% freeze-dried organic Haskap berry (a superfood berry that is vegan, is high in vitamin C, has three times the number of antioxidants, and has four times the number of anthocyanins of blueberries). Its all-natural, its certified bee-friendly, and… its pesticide-free.

Also, the powder is easy to use: it can be added to smoothies, to yoghurt, to overnight oats, and to lattes – for a nutritional boost.

The haskap berry has been in the spotlight this year, when a study published by the University of Northumbria found that it can improve the performance of endurance runners by 2%.

Haskapa’s powder was launched in the UK in 2019 by a husband and wife team, named Dr Evie Kemp (a medical doctor), and Simon, a ‘green’ entrepreneur.

Dr Evie Kemp previously worked as a consultant in occupational medicine. She currently works as a university lecturer alongside Haskapa. Prior to co-founding Haskapa, Simon was the CEO, and then the Chairman for Timbmet, the UK’s largest hardwood importer. He introduced pioneering reforestation projects to Ghana and Canada.

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It was during a trip to Noca Scotia, in Canada – that the pair discovered the berry, and they quickly fell in love with it. With Evie’s knowledge of its nutritional benefits, and its flavour profile, they were determined to spread the word.

They first created some haskapa juice, which was crowned ‘best new juice,’ at the 2013 World Juice Awards. They then launched a signature powder product, Haskapa, which arrived in the UK in 2019, and is now being distributed across a growing number of countries.

” From the moment we bought the farm in Nova Scotia and planted our first bushes, this tiny berry has overtaken our lives,” said Haskapa’s Founder, Dr Evie Kemp.

Find out more here: https://www.haskapa.com