BCALM Prepares For Christmas, With A New Festive Season Treat

As the festive season approaches, BCALM is readying its customers – with a new Christmas Self Care gift set, AND the option to create your own ‘festive aroma.’

BCALM’s brand new Christmas Self Care gift set is full of wellness favourites for loved ones. Inside this beautiful gift box, customers will find a key-ring, a Geo Cut Roller Ball (8ml), a Carrier, and Essential Oils (5ml), including Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Citrus Aurantium, and a Sweet Almond Carrier Oil.

Customers can carry their blended essential oils wherever they go, with the geo cut glass roller ball and key-ring. All they need to do is dab some on their pressure points (the wrist, the neck, and the temples) throughout the day or night, as and when they need the health benefits/aroma.

Plus, they can re-use and refill the roller ball when they run out, as BCALM’s diffuser key-ring wooden beads are porous, and they’ll soak up the essential oils, diffusing throughout the day with the wearer.

Unlike other diffusers on the market, BCALM’s diffuser has been uniquely and ergonomically designed.

The device is made from geo cut glass with an easy-to-lift lid, and it looks stunning while it scents your home, with a warm ambient light to improve your mood and energy levels. It also shuts off safely while you sleep, and it can last for three hours consistently, or with 0.5/1/3hr intervals.

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Becky Pope and her husband, Richie – embarked on their BCALM journey in 2020.

After being married for more than a decade with two wonderful daughters, Bella and Betsy, the 2020 pandemic led them on a new journey towards mindfulness.

Guided by our free spirit in a world of lock-down, we felt that taking some time out for ourselves didn’t have to mean that we couldn’t find a moment of calm in our own home. BCALM was born to help you and your family to take some time to create calm. The dream is to Be Collectively All Living Mindfully,” said BCALM’s Founder, Becky Pope.

Find out more here: https://www.bcalm.co.uk