Hip Pop: Gut Loving Sodas, Infused With Apple Cider Vinegar

Hip Pop (a gut loving, non-alcoholic brewer that’s based on a farm in Altrincham, Manchester) has launched Living Sodas, which are infused with apple cider vinegar.

Although Hip Pop started out as an experiment between two friends, Emma Thackray and Kenny Goodman (to aid Kenny’s Irritable Bowel syndrome’s (IBS), things quickly took a turn, when the duo decided to turn their newly-found passion into a business in 2019, after experiencing positive results. Impressively, since launching, Hip Pop has DOUBLED its revenue year-on-year. Now, the business employs a rapidly-growing team of sixteen.

Hip Pop were awarded with ‘Independent Drinks Producer of the Year,’ at the renowned Manchester Food and Drink Festival, and they’ve been awarded with various other leading industry accolades, including two stars at the Great Taste Awards. Not only does Hip Pop provide a brand new Living Sodas range (which is made from apple cider and vinegar), but there’s a kombucha range as well, which is:

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  • Low in sugar,
  • Free from sweeteners
  • Contains friendly bacteria,
  • Is vegan,
  • And, is HFSS compliant.

The kombucha flavours include Apple & Elderflower, Blueberry & Ginger, Ginger & Yuzu, and Strawberry & Pineapple, and the new Living Sodas range includes Tropical Peach, Pink Grapefruit, and Ginger & Turmeric. Prior to launching Hip Pop, Emma was the UK Director of Dolly Parton’s children’s literacy charity, the Imagination Library, and Kenny was the Founder of Hello Pure, a high-quality micro-nutrients business.

“We’re a small family business without institutional investors snapping at us to cut costs, so we can afford to brew in a traditional way, with nutritious ingredients. We’re not forced to add processed sweeteners such as Stevia/Erythritol, or to use marketing shizzle, to cover any misgivings. This allows us to experiment and play, until we create honest drinks that speak for themselves, that are full of flavour, body, and goodness,” said Emma and Kenny.

Find out more here: https://drinkhippop.com