Meera’s Made From Scratch (Gluten Free And Dairy Free Food).

Meera’s Made from Scratch: Meera discovered that she was gluten and dairy intolerant. Removing these from her diet reduced her migraines, and her stomach pains.

When Meera Bhogal, a menopause coach and nursery owner discovered that she was gluten and dairy intolerant, this inspired her to evaluate her eating habits and lifestyle choices.

Although Meera discovered what she needed during this period, she also discovered that her requirements weren’t available in one place, so she decided to create a brand that solved this problem, to benefit herself, and others.

Meera’s aim was clear from the outset: provide gluten free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free foods (that avoided the use of ultra processed foods, and focused on natural and whole ingredients, instead). Another goal of Meera’s, was to provide a holistic package, that included factual information about food – to support optimal living.

Since launching in 2019, the ‘Meera’s Made From Scratch’ product range has expanded out to 100+ items.

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Impressively, Meera’s ‘Chicken Bone Broth’ was awarded with a Great Taste Award in 2021, which led to some fantastic press coverage, that has helped the brand to grow from strength to strength (‘Meeras Made From Scratch’ has been featured in The Independent, Top Sante, and more). “If you want to achieve your goals, there are two superpowers you need: consistency and persistence. Keep things simple, and that includes food and life,” said Meera.

All of Meera’s products are hand-made from scratch, using fresh, organic products – that have been sourced locally wherever possible. The range includes herbal tea, bone broth, cooking sauces, and sweets. As well as this, there are vegan options, and products for those who are going through the menopause, too.

And lastly, the same care and attention has gone into the packaging, which is proudly compostable, recyclable, or reusable, – with the majority of the packaging being made from plant-based products.

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