Disruptor London: The Planet Positive, Personal Care Brand.

Disruptor London‘s philosophy is to use: ethically sourced, naturally derived, vegan, organic, cruelty free raw materials, AND up-cycled, plant-based leftovers.

Disruptor London came about during the pandemic, thanks to Sira Dheshan Naidu and Juan Jose Jimenez Anca, who wanted create a planet-positive personal care brand, that addressed the key issues that face our planet: over consumption, water scarcity, and plastic waste. Everything Disruptor London does is purposeful and considered, from its ingredient sourcing, to its formulations, to its packaging development.

The range is con­cen­trat­ed, efficacious, and multi-tasking, with a water-less formula, and zero plastic packaging.

“We challenged ourselves to reimagine cosmetics packaging. We’re working with a highly skilled team of product designers and manufacturers to develop a home compostable packaging system. Watch this space,” said Sira.

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Sira has a chemical engineering background, with twenty+ years in the beauty industry (including Estee Lauder Companies, LVMH/Christian Dior, Too Faced Cosmetics, MANA Products, Bleach London, and more). Juan is a full stack software engineer, and a former International Business lecturer.

Earlier on this year (2022), Sira and Juan applied to get onto a Boost prototyping program with the Central Research Laboratory. After a successful completion of the one week program, they were invited back to a two day boot-camp, to pitch for a place in a six month business accelerator.

Find out more here: https://disruptor.london