DCYPHER: Bespoke, Made To Order, Perfectly-Matched Cosmetics

Each DCYPHER product is made bespoke to reduce the impact of waste, by using technology to tailor an exact and perfectly-matched product to the customer’s skin.

Launched in 2022, DCYPHER:

  1. Scans your skin tone,
  2. Sends some texture preferences,
  3. Blends the perfect shade, coverage, and finish for your skin, and:
  4. Sends a sample size of the formula – in the post to try out at home.

It’s then up to the customer to ask for tweaks in the formula, until a suitable match is found. Once this is completed, the perfectly matched shade is then made and shipped out.

DCYPHER’s products include: a Custom Foundation, a Custom High Pigment Drops, a Custom Coverage Drop, and a Professional Complexion Brush Set. The products are: cruelty free, vegan, and paraben-and-sulphate-free.

The brand was set up by a biochemist and a consumer scientist, named Adam and Claire Triantis, who are also a husband and wife duo (with years of experience in the beauty industry).

Adam and Claire have both worked for big-name brands. Claire helped these big-name brands to understand what consumers really wanted from their beauty routine, and Adam developed innovative products and formulas.

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Whilst doing this, they both realised that one thing was missing: personalisation.

Our research shows that only 45% of female customers regularly use foundation. We believe that this is because they have given up on the category, because they’ve failed to find a product that works for them,” said Adam.

We plan to change that. Our mission is to disrupt the beauty industry by making personalisation the norm, by giving the customer exactly what they want, with infinite shades, finishes, and formulations,” concluded Adam.

Find out more here: https://dcypher.me