The Spice Guy: A Delicious Range Of Spices And Sauces.

Launched in 2019 by Sandie Vara, ‘The Spice Guy‘ provides a diverse range of spice blends and special sauces, – to add a kick of flavour to your meal(s).

Currently, ‘The Spice Guy’ has thirteen different spice blends, two spiced chutney/pickles, and two special sauces to choose from – with the wheels in motion to expand to a much larger range, soon.

Sandie Vara previously worked in corporate management in the restaurant world, and then in corporate hospitality.

But it was the summer of 2019 that everything changed for him.

His inspiration was a moment of clarity whilst doing the very simple and ordinary thing of ordering a savoury snack to accompany his beer whilst in the pub, whilst he was reading the ingredients listed on the packaging. He was ‘flabbergasted’ by the preservatives and e-numbers in use, but more surprisingly, the amount of spices that had been used: paprika, turmeric, rice flower, garlic, onion salt, and so on.

Who’d have thought that the humble peanut would be covered in such unbelievable spices?!” recalled Sandie.

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And from there, he started to get more involved in spices. He decided there and then to change his life, by heading back to his previous world of the hospitality industry, but this time – as a professional chef, instead.

In lock-down, Sandie was feeling stuck, and not knowing what to do with his business, so he took to the online stage of cooking live on Facebook – breakfast, lunch, and dinner, every single day, 7 days a week, throughout the entirety of lock-down. The momentum of his following and success took over, so much so, that Sylvester Stallone got in touch.

He has since cooked for celebrities, such as Eamon & Ruth Holmes, Anthea Turner, as well as many premiere league footballers.

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