FIX8 Kombucha: Vitamin C + Probiotic Cultures For Gut Health

Launched in 2018, FIX8 is the Kombucha brand that adds vitamin C to its drinks, as well as science-backed probiotic cultures – for maximum gut health goodness.

Each FIX8 kombucha soda:

  • Is made from 100% natural ingredients,
  • Is loaded with 25% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C,
  • Is brimming with two Billion gut-health boosting live cultures, that are scientifically designed to reach your gut,
  • Is low in calories,
  • Uses natural ingredients, and
  • Is plant-based and vegan friendly.

There are three recipes to choose from: Ginger Turmeric, Strawberry Basil, and Sicilian Citrus. The British born and brewed brand was launched in 2018, by Freya Twigden.

Freya became infatuated with Kombucha whilst she was living in Shanghai for her university degree in Politics.

Once she completed her degree, she traveled to meet other kombucha obsessives around the globe, from Berlin to Bali, to Hawaii to San Francisco. During this time, she spent a month working in a pickle shop in Berkeley, California.

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Prior to launching Fix8, Freya also trained as a plant based chef and yoga teacher, where she learned about the mind-body and gut-brain axis (better gut health = better mental health!).

“With over 70% of your immune system located in your gut, the rising trend and tide for gut health products is definitely here to stay. We’re super proud to be innovators in our category,” concluded Freya.

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