Galventa Launches A World-First Wake-Up Capsule: ‘B-Sync ON’

The ‘B-Sync ON‘ supplement was launched by Galventa, – a life science brand that launched in 2021; that’s committed to improving sleep, and the circadian clock.

Unlike other sleep-aids or alarm clocks, the ‘B-Sync ON’ supplement empowers consumers to control their wake-up process.

The pill is taken before going to bed, and the core ingredients are released shortly before waking up. B-Sync ON is the only food supplement that directly targets the waking-up process – to address an overlooked part of sleep health: the quality of our morning wake-up.

Both founders, Dario Dornbierer and Sascha Fritsche – are self-declared ‘night owls’ who find it difficult to get up in the morning. They tend to be more efficient from the late afternoon into the night.

This was the spark to find a way to synchronize the setting of the circadian rhythm through the development of innovative and clinically-proven galenic platform technologies.

Dario has always been passionate about the intricate interplay between the brain and the mind, and how chemical substances can dramatically change the way we perceive our outer and inner world. As a pharmacist, a master’s student, and later on, a PhD in psychopharmacology – he focused his efforts on sleep pharmacology, sleep disorders, depression, and mental health.

Examining in particular – the dependence of sleep disorders and depression, he soon realised that many patients had wake-up difficulties, and were suffering from sleep inertia. In an attempt to help his subjects and patients on both fronts (with sleep and wake-disorders), the idea to create a wake-up “drug” emerged. To this day, he is passionately addressing this urgent un-met need in mental health and sleep.

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Sascha was instantly intrigued by the idea, mostly because he is a passionate snowboarder who likes to be on the slopes before anybody else.

“A full night of sleep is most important. Nevertheless, even after a full night of sleep, you may experience wake-up difficulties. B-Sync ON is the first wake-up supplement that actually helps you to wake-up,” said Sascha and Dario.

Since launching, B Sync has been featured in the Sun, The Independent, and in many others – as one of the most promising sleep supplements on the market.

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