Psychic Sisters: The Wellness Brand (As Seen On Dragons Den)

Psychic Sisters: a wellness start-up that’s caught the attention of Kim Kardashian. Deborah Meaden + Sara Davies offered to invest in the brand on Dragons’ Den.

According to their Instagram, Psychic Sisters specialises in “wellness products, psychic readings, and all things positive.”

Launched in August 2020, the range is handmade in the UK – with the purest essential oils, only.

The products are Reiki-cleansed and energised, and they’re vegan and eco-friendly, too.

The brand was set up by a psychic named Jayne Wallace – because her clients kept asking her for products that would help with their protection, negative energy, prosperity, and wealth.

“Wellness brings a calm and relaxing atmosphere to your mind, body, and soul,” said Jayne.

Jayne grew up in Essex. Her mother was “very intuitive and perceptive to the people and the places around her.”

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Jayne’s first sense of the spirit world came about when she was just five years old. Her interest carried on until the age of 12, which was when she realised that she was being led by her spirit guide.

When she turned 12, Jayne was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis – which impacted her life in a large way. She turned her back on the spirit world. Her attitude changed to a negative, angry one. However, once she turned 16, a light switched on in Jayne’s head, and she embarked on new a creative journey – with wellness at the forefront.

Jayne’s mum passed away when she was 20, and almost immediately, her spirit came to Jayne. This was when she decided to throw herself into spiritual practices 100%.

Initially, Jaynne started to make candles and incense sticks that clients had requested from her, however, it wasn’t long before she had moved into a 6000 sq ft Warehouse, as well as securing contracts with various well-known retailers.

And following a recent appearance on Dragons’ Den, Deborah Meaden and Sara Davies offered to invest in the brand.

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