GUNNA Drinks: Delicious, Planet-Friendly Craft Lemonades.

GUNNA Drinks is a delicious range of planet-friendly, healthy craft lemonades – in four different flavours. Each one inspired by a recipe from around the world.

Launched in 2016, the GUNNA Drinks range includes:

  • Pink Punk Raspberry Lemonade (inspired by the famous Shirley Temple mocktail),
  • Ginger Rebel Ginger Lemonade (based on an old British navy recipe of ginger beer, lime, and angostura bitters),
  • Turtle Juice Tropical Lemonade (based on a virgin daiquiri recipe from the West Indies), and:
  • Sundowner Lime Lemonade (based on Australia’s famous lemon, lime, and bitters drink).

The range acts as ‘an antidote’ to ‘the bland old school sodas’ on the market – that are packed with sugar and creepy-sounding ingredients. Because some big soda brands put profit above all else, some of them don’t even put lemons in their lemonade, as well as insisting on selling their drinks in plastic bottles that are choking our oceans.

GUNNA Drinks’s Founder Melvin Jay started his career in multinational companies. He was responsible for the marketing and sales of several brands, including Nivea, Mcoys crisps, and Ovaltine, but he left the corporate life in 2001 to start a marketing consulting company, before embarking on his GUNNA journey in 2016.

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GUNNA is a truly innovative ‘impact’ brand, that will shake up the soft drinks industry – by challenging ingredients and plastic bottles – the unnecessary scourge of the soft drink business,” said Melvin.

The brand is stocked in various major retail outlets, pubs, and restaurants across the UK – selling over TWO MILLION cans each year, as well as winning multiple awards.

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