SBTRCT: A Sustainable Skincare Range That Comes In Solid Bars

SBTRCT: solid, sustainable skincare bars. The range includes: cleansers, balms, and serums. Make a difference, WITHOUT compromising on skin, quality, or design.

SBTRCT was born out of Ben Grace’s sustainable drive, as well as his minimalistic desire to create the highest-performing skincare products on the market, – with the lowest environmental waste. This unique range of award-winning solid skincare bars – use the very best proven ingredients, resulting in the very best skin.

SBTRCT addresses the three biggest environmental challenges facing the beauty industry right now:

  1. Plastic pollution,
  2. Water waste, and:
  3. The over-reliance on palm oil.

The products are 100% plastic-free – with domestically compostable packaging, ZERO palm oil, and nominal water content. The range (which is also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly) consists of cleansers, moisturisers, and serums, including two world firsts: the Rejuvenating Night Balm (the first solid retinoid), and the Vitamin C Booster (the first solid vitamin C serum).

SBTRCT was founded by Ben Grace, who possesses twenty+ years of award-winning experience in the skincare and fragrance industries. He was previously the MD of Bulldog Skincare, and he boasts a long legacy of building disruptive brands. His passion lies in sustainability, product innovation, and design.

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Since launching in 2020, SBTRCT has achieved multiple accolades and awards, including the Beauty Shortlist Awards in 2021 and 2022 (‘Best Solid Beauty Product,’ and ‘Best Zero Waste Brand’), as well as being named ‘Best Zero Waste Brand’ at the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards in 2022 (and ‘highly commended’ in 2021).

When I set about creating SBTRCT, it seemed ironic to me that an industry created to cleanse and care – was still making our planet a dirty place, and having such a disastrous impact on the environment,” said Bell.

While we are addressing the big environmental challenges head-on, we don’t compromise on performance, by formulating solid state products – using the gold standard of active ingredients that are proven to deliver fantastic results.”

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