So English Towelling Beachwear: “From Bed, To Beach, To Bar”

So English was inspired by Sophie English’s memories of her childhood holidays (messing around on boats and beaches), and… her mother’s vibrant 1970’s dresses.

Sophie set out to create gorgeous pieces of practical clothing, with a nod to fashion – in 2021. Since launching, the brand has already built a celebrity fan base, including Sophie Ellis Bextor, and Amanda Lamb. The outfits are designed to be worn from the bed, to the beach, to the bar.

“As a regular warm weather swimmer at my local Sussex beaches, I wanted to create an easy, stylish way to get warm and dry – after a bracing dip in the channel, and so, the towelling dress was re-born, which means freedom, no struggling with wet costumes, or trying to protect your modesty. Just put on with the dress, get down to the beach, and head on up to the bar,” said So English’s Founder, Sophie English.

Sophie trained at the London College of Fashion in the 1990’s – arming her with pattern cutting skills, before launching a career as a couture bridal designer. But once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the corporate side of her business completely dried up.

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The COVID-19 lock-down provided Sophie with the creative time and space to do what she loved: design that she wanted to wear. Without the usual commercial pressure, Sophie perfected the styles, made the first samples, and launched her towelling beachwear collection in April 2021.

Sophie sources the softest towelling fabric from Italy, with each piece made with sustainability and durability in mind.

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