Fungtn + Balance Coffee Team Up To Make Mushroom-Infused Coffee

Both born in 2020 during the pandemic, Fungtn and Balance Coffee have teamed up to create a coffee that’s infused with mushrooms, called ‘Lions Manes Mushroom.’

As mushrooms and adaptogens begin hit the mainstream for their supposed health benefits, more and more consumer products are beginning to use them as a key ingredient – driven by the rise in health-conscious consumer habits. This inspired Fungtn and Balance to come together – to combine speciality grade coffee, with a high-quality dual extract of Lions Mane mushroom – to create a ground coffee for the home-brewing enthusiasts.

A unique ratio of ‘coffee-to-mushroom’ adds a warm depth of flavour to coffee – whilst helping to balance the caffeine hit, as well as providing the added benefits of Lions Mane (such as improving memory and mental clarity, and increasing focus).

The adaptogenic properties of functional mushrooms work synergistically with the coffee – to help balance the body’s response to caffeine. In other words, there’s no crash, and there’s a milder response on your stomach, too.

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James Bellis founded Balance Coffee, with a mission to bring a new range of healthy coffee products to the UK, after spending 10+ years in the industry. “We want fairly grown, sustainable coffee – that is grown and processed in the most natural way,” said James.

Fungtn (the alcohol-free craft beer company) – is the brainchild of Zoey Henderson, who founded the brand to help people to make more mindful choices, and to get more fantastic Fungi into their diets. “Coffee and the morning routine is a great way to get adaptogens into our lives. This is why I love mushrooms in my morning brew,” said Zoey.

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