ZUZWA Is Launching Its ‘A New Dawn’ Collection This February

In 2022 Mina Tadros (33) took on the ZUZWA legacy from his father, the brand’s founder – Makram Tadros – following an impressive 63 year long legacy of success.

Mina has been obsessed with art and design since he was a child. The 33 year old fashion enthusiast has always had a flair for creativity, which inspired him to study fashion at RMIT University, and at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Mina has worked in the ZUZWA business under his father for 16 years (starting out as an intern).

Now that Makram has retired, Mina has taken over, and ZUZWA’s debut clothing line under his leadership is called ‘A New Dawn’ – which is symbolic for the times. However, this isn’t the first time that ZUZWA has launched a clothing line.

Although ZUZWA has primarily made a name for itself as a jewellery brand, in 2009, the company launched its first ever clothing range – with a small collection of high-quality pieces.

Mina Tadros’s ‘A New Dawn’ will launch globally on the 28th of February this year (2023). ‘A New Dawn’ is a stylish, modern twist to the company’s history – bringing new magic – in the form of a beautiful, high-quality range. ‘A New Dawn’ emphases new beginnings – and combines the heritage of the sixty-three-year-old fashion house – with a new twist – as a celebration, and as a rebirth of the heritage brand.

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A New Dawn focuses on timelessness in the context of the beauty that surrounds us in nature, and our interpretation of continuation and change. While everything has its place in our ever-evolving lives, the French way of living in the moment, and making the most of every day and every night – is a way of life worth living,” said Mina.

The ‘A New Dawn’ collection includes:

  • A genderless satin bomber jacket – with hourglass embroidery
  • A lion-embroidered genderless hoodie
  • A textured baggy dress
  • Wool cargo joggers – with a logo, and hourglass embroidery
  • A lioness embroidered sweatshirt
  • Wide leg pleated trousers in wool-linen, with a removable belt
  • A lion-embroidered genderless t-shirt
  • A viscose shirt dress, and:
  • An oversized organic cotton shirt – with a logo, and with timeless embroidery.

ZUZWA was founded in 1959 by Makram Tadros in Egypt, France, and Italy. Production began in France and Italy, with retail headquartered in Egypt. The company was built on Makram Tadros’ desire to be a positive role model for his family and his community, to treat others with respect, and to deliver quality workmanship.

Find out more here: https://www.zuzwa.com