BoomBocs® STUDIO: The Brand New Speaker (By Jonny Williams).

BoomBocs® STUDIO: the latest invention by Jonny Williams, the celebrity sound engineer. The speaker is retro and feature-packed, with a pro-audio sound quality.

BoomBocs® STUDIO is for music fans who can do better than those lifeless black boxes with tinny sounds.

Lady Gaga is just one of BoomBocs’ many celebrity fans (Lady Gaga ordered 11 BoomBocs’ for herself, her team, and her parents).

From humble beginnings (building suitcase speakers in Jonny Williams’ Brixton living room), to celebrity customers such as Rita Ora, Kylie Minogue, and Shaznay Lewis of All Saints, BoomBocs® speakers encompass everything that artists and consumers love about the British music scene, including a retro design, and a studio-grade sound.

The built-in amplifier and stereo-range speakers are tuned by Jonny Williams for a pro-sound, wherever you are. With a battery life of up to 15 hours, they can be brought anywhere, from the park – to all-night raves with friends.

BoomBocs® STUDIO comes in five fantastically stand-out colours: pink, orange, green, black, and white – making most conventional wireless speakers look more like anonymous monotone boxes.

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Jonny Williams (the celebrity sound engineer who is currently on tour with the pop sensation Anastacia) has worked as a sound engineer for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Stormzy and Rita Ora. His expert hands-on knowledge has helped him to create the BoomBocs® signature sound, by cramming high performance into the most compact, affordable, and technically advanced BoomBocs® product to date.

“BoomBocs has always done things differently, and design has always played a big part in that. For the BoomBocs® STUDIO speaker, I was tired of seeing portable and Bluetooth speakers that all looked the same – black boxes with grills on – that sounded rubbish. BoomBocs® STUDIO completely breaks that mould, by bringing the retro style and big-speaker performance of previous BoomBocs® models to a smaller, more affordable design,” said Jonny.

Jonny’s initial concept was to recycle vintage suitcases, before turning them into portable sound systems. His hard work paved the way for what is now a very advanced wireless speaker system that became BoomBocs® in 2014.

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