MyBabyGrow: Original Patented Sleepsuits With A Sewn In Vest

MyBabyGrow‘s patented sleep-suit with a sewn-in vest, – is the first baby grow that combines the two, – making changing less of a battle for babies and parents.

Since we last featured MyBabyGrow in November 2021, the brand has gone from strength to strength.

Last year in 2022, MyBabyGrow launched new designs, received celebrity endorsements, entered into exciting new charity partnerships, and… they look part in various pop-ups, too.

Clothing is one of the most important things for a parent to get right, which is why Pamela and Ben from MyBabyGrow decided to make life easier – by developing a unique clothing range – a signature patented sleep-suit with a sewn-in vest (the first baby grow to combine the two) – making changing less of a battle for parents and their babies.

The range is made from breathable high-quality materials – helping to keep babies warm, cosy, and soft.

Now, MyBabyGrow comes with a concealed, two-way zip design that replaces fiddly poppers, and includes protective scratch mitts for younger babies, and anti-slip feet – for those who are finding their first steps.

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Kevin and Liz Fletcher love the products, and Alex Reid’s fiance Nikki said: “we just love love love love these baby grows! The best thing about these baby grows is the built-in vest, and the quality.”

Recently, MyBabyGrow entered into some new partnerships, where they’ll donate a portion of their sales to good causes, including a charity that works to relieve child poverty, development, and healthcare across the globe.

“As parents ourselves, we know that finding ways to make life easier is so important. Having the opportunity to support babies and families globally is an incredible privilege for us,” said Ben and Pam said.

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