KinKind: Plastic Free Bathroom And Personal Care Essentials.

KinKind: the easy-to-switch alternative to traditional, premium bottled bathroom products that 1: contain approximately 80% water, + 2: are packaged in plastic.

KinKind is an award-winning beauty, bathroom, and personal care brand that was founded in 2019 by Victoria Coe (an experienced FMCG marketer), who is on a mission to reduce plastic consumption – by creating plastic-free products that don’t compromise on performance or quality.

“It’s up to US as business leaders to make it easy for consumers to reduce plastic in their homes,” said KinKind’s Founder, Victoria Coe.

“It’s NOT just the eco warriors who want to change. There is a mass desire to change, and it’s our responsibility as brands and retailers to cater to these desires, by making easy switches available, affordable, and visible,” added Victoria.

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The KinKind range is a line of high-performance hair and body care bars that includes a shampoo/conditioner, a 2-in-1 shampoo and body-wash, a body moisturiser, a body scrub, after-sun, and… a dog shampoo bar.

Also, Victoria has just signed a deal with UKTV Ventures, which will see the brand feature across seven different channels – reaching 28 million viewers. And this month (January 2023), KinKind is launching a retail-ready range, which will grow the business even further by working with like-minded retailers who support the brand’s plastic-free mission.

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