Rockit: The Pram + Stroller Rocker That Sends Babies To Sleep

Launched in 2016 and developed by Bristol-based ‘ordinary’ dads, Rockit is a revolutionary, portable baby rocker – that sends babies to sleep, gently.

Dr. Nick Webb invented the rocker when his three-month-old daughter Abby refused to sleep in her pushchair.

Bristol-based ‘ordinary’ dads (1)

One evening, he had a light-bulb moment: he took an old printer apart, he salvaged the motor, and he soldered together a bunch of components. The prototype worked, and the next day, Abby remained asleep – even when the pushchair stopped moving.

Nick (who has a PhD in vibration and acoustics engineering) set about developing and refining the design with his brother-in-law, Matt Dyson – who had previously taught product design in schools and colleges for 20+ years.

Over the next 18 months (with funding from the Design Council) the lads turned their prototype into a commercial product, and before you know it, Rockit had landed in major baby retailers across the country. Now, Rockit exports to over 40 countries. To date, 300,000+ units have been sold, worldwide.

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“When we were developing the product in a shed in Portishead, we didn’t dare to dream that the Rockit would go on to become such a global hit. We are constantly looking at new ways to innovate and improve our products, and the newly upgraded Rockit is far more sustainable and easier to use,” said Matt Dyson.

Bristol-based ‘ordinary’ dads (2)

The ‘ordinary’ dads have also developed a range of child sleep products. ‘Zed’ is an astronaut-shaped sleep aid that sends babies to sleep via vibrations that gently ripple through any mattress.

Another product is ‘Wooshh,’ which is a small, but mighty sound-soother – that’s a tiny 6cm tall. ‘Wooshh’ has eight calming sounds, four volume levels, and it’s USB rechargeable. It even includes a real space sound that is used with kind permission from NASA – another giant sleep for baby-kind.

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