From Garden Shed, To Chimney Fire Coffee – To B Corporation.

Prior to launching Chimney Fire Coffee, the brand’s Founder Dan Webber worked in coffee and cocoa traceability for five years, two of which were spent in Ghana.

In Ghana, Dan learned what it means to make a high-quality, transparent cup of coffee, which inspired him to embark on a Specialty Coffee Association sensory analysis course. By 2017, Dan had spent an entire year testing, tweaking, tasting and refining – leading him to launch Chimney Fire Coffee from a converted stable in Surrey Hills.

“I spent several years working in coffee and cocoa traceability before moving back from Ghana to my garden shed, where I set up Chimney Fire Coffee,” said Dan.

From 2019 onward, Chimney Fire Coffee:

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  1. Picked up a ‘Time & Leisure Taste Award,’
  2. Served Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, and:
  3. Launched a successful crowdfunding campaign for a new concept designed to make ethically-sourced, specialty coffee more accessible in the workplace.

Following Chimney Fire Coffee’s crowdfunding campaign, Dan launched ‘office coffee’ – enabling members to split the cost of, vote for, and enjoy their favourite coffee – everyday at work. 2022 brought new challenges, and… new milestones. NEXT UP: Chimney Fire Coffee achieved its’ B Corp status, as well as entering into a variety of partnerships with brands who share Dan’s passion for quality and sustainability.

Current and past collaborations include: Tan France/Etsy, Stolen Goat, and Frank Green.

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