Laceeze: Footwear Accessories That Anchor Shoelaces In Place

Set up in 2017, Laceeze is the perfect footwear accessory for children who enjoy playing grass-related sports. The Laceeze accessory anchors shoelaces in place.

Designed in the UK, and made from high-quality silicon with ribbed technology (to improve the grip around the shoe), Laceeze’s bands are designed for kids’ footwear (sizes 1-8.5), however, there are some larger sizes available, too (‘Laceeze Max’ caters for size 9+).

The brand was founded by two mothers, named Emma Burke and Paula Henley (although Emma is now the sole owner of the business). A serial entrepreneur at the core, Emma has worked in retail, the service industries, and in real estate, but she jumped at the opportunity to launch a company that combined her intrinsic love of youth sport – with a burning passion to succeed on a global scale.

It was on a chilly autumnal evening back in October 2016 that Emma watched another exasperated parent struggle with an elastic band, or a bit of Gaffer tape – to stop her kid’s laces from coming undone during a football match. And whilst this solution did work, temporarily, Emma thought: ‘there has to be a better long term solution for this.’

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“It’s amazing to see how much more confident children are when they wear our bands, and it’s always a pleasure to hear positive feedback from parents and coaches. Being seen on feet is our best marketing tool, and this would explain why a Sunday afternoon/evening is our best day for sales – once matches have been played,” said Emma.

In July 2020, the product became patented. Although Laceeze’s sister brand, ‘Defiance’ has continued to diversify its product portfolio, Laceeze is still by far, the best-selling product in the range – with 150,000+ pairs sold to date. Laceeze and Defiance is now a global business which dispatches to European countries, and the USA. Emma was recently awarded with a ‘Sports Retail MD of The Year’ award (SW England) for her contribution to youth sport.

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