Protein Rebel Launches Its Long Awaited ‘Maple Ignite’ Gel.

Natural sports nutrition company, Protein Rebel – launches ‘Maple Ignite,’ the UK’s first maple syrup energy gel (following a successful crowdfunding campaign).

Last year in July 2022, we announced that Protein Rebel (a brand who is famous for its cricket and plant-based protein powder) were launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital for its ‘Maple Ignite’ product. Today, we are happy to announce that Protein Rebel has now launched the long-awaited product. Find out more below.

Made from a light maple syrup that’s been harvested from Canadian maple trees and blended with sea salt, Maple Ignite delivers a sustained energy boost to support endurance exercise, such as running and cycling.

“Maple syrup is nature’s performance fuel. It is high in sucrose, which provides a balanced and prolonged energy source, whilst being very gentle on the gut,” said Protein Rebel’s Founder, Tim Boote.

The gel is naturally high in carbohydrates and electrolytes (potassium and calcium).

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By blending the syrup with sea salt, sodium is added to replenish lost salts (through sweating). The gels are free from chemicals, and they don’t contain high levels of fructose and maltodextrin (which are commonly used in chemical gels), meaning that they’re unlikely to cause any stomach/gut issues.

“Many people struggle to digest fructose and maltodextrin-based gels. By replacing chemicals with Maple Ignite, the stomach is at very low risk of distress, and you can get the energy you need when you need it,” said Tim.

Protein Rebel’s Maple Ignite Kickstarter campaign encouraged 85 people from across the globe to invest.

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