Check Out These Luxury Artisan Scarves By Wild Saint London.

Wild Saint London: a luxury artisan business that uses Peruvian baby alpaca wool and Mongolian cashmere – to create personalised scarves, and calf-length socks.

The business is run by Raakhee Tailor – a fabrics expert who decided to ‘bring responsibility back to luxury fashion,’ by launching her own ethical, sustainable brand in 2019.

The scarves are made from high-quality cashmere and Peruvian baby alpaca wool – taken from the chest of alpacas (crafted by local communities in Italy, and transported sustainably).

“Wild Saint London provides a choice for people who are seeking out artisan craftsmanship and sumptuous fabrics with responsive design, sourcing, and business practices. I only design items I would wear myself,” said Raakhee.

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This is why you can often find me wearing our cashmere or alpaca scarves in the autumn/winter,” concluded Raakhee.

Wild Saint London = chic combined with luxury with responsibility. For each item sold, Raakhee donates a fraction of her profits to The Seagrass Project, which conserves global sea-grass meadows.

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