BallTrace: The UK Device That Marks Tennis Balls Originally.

BallTrace is a micro-business that can be found at competitions + events throughout the UK and USA. It’s the world’s only court-side tennis + padel ball marker.

Invented in 2022 by Dave Townsend, the idea came about when Dave’s daughter returned home one day – without her tennis balls. It turns out – ‘the four burly blokes on the next court down’ were using the exact same tennis balls as her.

Yet none of them were marked. As a result, the four burly blokes ended up with Dave’s daughter’s tennis balls. Understandably, she was too shy to point out their mistake.

“I Googled around for a product that makes quality marks on tennis balls – for the purposes of identification, but there weren’t any, so during the pandemic, I decided to create what became BallTrace,” said Dave.

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It didn’t take long for BallTrace to attract global attention and international custom.

Prior to launching BallTrace, Dave ran a recruitment company in Cheltenham for 20 years. The business is based in Cheltenham, but the product is manufactured in Caerphilly.

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