Sons Of Adonis: The Sustainable Cosmetics Start Up – For Men

Sons Of Adonis: the sustainable cosmetics brand – that’s on a mission to normalise makeup for men, via its award-winning formulations, + unrivalled performance.

Shakti Sood is here to disrupt the cosmetics industry; via the release of his flagship product – a liquid concealer for men that launched in December last year (2022).

Sons Of Adonis aims to empower men to look and feel their best. Their unique liquid concealer was developed and perfected over a two-year period – to meet the specific needs of men (it discreetly covers dark circles and minor skin perfections – with a natural matte finish).

After struggling with the long-lasting side effects of an allergic reaction, Shakti developed an intimate understanding of how one’s confidence can plummet – based on superficial appearances. It was during this period of raw vulnerability and self-consciousness, that the idea for Sons of Adonis was born (during the pandemic in the dark days of 2020).

Following his experience, Shakti set out to create an environmentally-friendly, safe, and effective men’s liquid concealer that would account for the biological and hormonal differences between men and women.

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After countless revisions (with the aim of arriving at premium quality and superior product performance), as of December 2022, now, men can enjoy the benefits of the concealer’s silky smooth, undetectable matte finish.

“We help men to look and feel more confident. Our business is built on the basis that makeup shouldn’t have to be gender specific. Our product performance comes from an understanding of men’s specific needs,” concluded Shakti.

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