Moray Luke: Sustainable Bags That Are Made From Fish Leather

Moray Luke launched her sustainable brand in September 2021, – inspired by her love of folklore, and her desire to bring something new to the luxury bag market.

26-year-old Moray Luke (who is armed with a degree in Printmaking from Brighton University) went from developing a collection in her mother’s dining room, to showcasing it at Paris/London Fashion Week – in no time at all.

Despite not receiving an investment offer on Dragons’ Den, the South African designer SOLD OUT – from the sheer exposure she received.

Following Dragon Touker Suleyman’s post-show advice, now, Moray is in the process of launching a brand new range of print fabrics – with the same nautical look as her luxury marine bag collection – at a more accessible price.

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“My time on the show made me look at my brand in a different light – at a very important time in our development as a fashion house, and because of it, our future is much brighter now,” said Moray.

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