Waring Brooke: The Knitwear Country And Luxury Fashion Brand

Launched in 2016, Waring Brooke is an award-winning knitwear country and luxury fashion fusion brand – created by designer, Samantha Brooke (a London graduate).

The pieces are made using locally sourced yarns.

Waring Brooke’s ‘made-to-order’ system = zero waste. Each garment is made in a biomass power plant in rural Nottinghamshire, meaning that the energy used in the production process is eco-friendly and traceable.

During the early days of Waring Brooke, Samantha purchased a knitting machine that she learnt to use from scratch. With a talent for knitting, the designer can now “turn around a product in 24 hours, from yarn to door.”

Waring Brooke is best-known knitwear for men and women: jumpers, dresses, skirts, ponchos, and socks – some of which were inspired by Samantha’s late mother’s artwork. The brand is also well-known for its personalised accessories: bespoke pieces are adorned with initials that make up a monogram pattern, or a minimalistic motif.

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“One solution lies in buying less and choosing better quality items that are made as ethically as possible. Another is to not rush straight to the bin with your hole-ridden clothes. Therefore, we offer a hand-sewn repair service for customers to restore their favourite items,” said Samantha.

In the past, Samantha has sold her knitwear designs globally to esteemed fashion houses, including Karl Lagerfeld, Hugo Boss, and Armani. Previously the Head Knitwear Designer at Max Studio, Samantha has also created catwalk looks/wholesale for Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, in which The Telegraph coined her as ‘one to watch.’

Find out more here: https://waringbrooke.com