Little’s Coffee: Flavoured Instant, Grounded + Capsule Coffee

Little’s Coffee‘s Henry and Leila first dreamed up the idea of making flavoured coffee 30+ years ago, – inspired by the roasters they encountered in California.

When they returned home to Finland, the husband-and-wife-team decided to launch Little’s Coffee – a brand that specialises in flavoured instant, grounded, and capsule-coffee.

30 years on, and Little’s Coffee has become a 2nd generation family business: Henry and Leila Little’s son, Will Little (a former graphic designer), and his wife Caro – have since taken on the reigns.

To celebrate this new chapter (and the future of the business), Will and Caro have embarked on a re-brand project – supported by a big push of Little’s Coffee’s flavoured capsules (a convenient way for cash-strapped coffee lovers to recreate the coffee shop experience at home).

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“Little’s Coffee’s bold new look will increase visibility on shelves and engage a younger consumer – while challenging the status quo in the category,” said Will.

Stocked in most major retailers, the range includes Chocolate Caramel and Rich Vanilla. The products are for coffee lovers that want to rebel against the snobbish definition of ‘proper’ coffee – with quality, convenience, and a taste that doesn’t cost the earth.

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