YANA Active: Award-Winning Conscious Activewear From Newcastle

Founded in late 2019 by two sisters Sophie and Charlotte, Newcastle-born YANA Active makes activewear – with fabric that’s made from 78-100% recycled materials.

Conscious creation is at the heart of YANA™ Active.

Armed with experience in business and fashion, Sophie and Charlotte started out with a firm belief that every brand has a responsibility to support the planet and reduce consumption.

Since launching, YANA has become a staple for women that live busy, active lifestyles. 100% of their technical performance garments (including all stretchwear) is manufactured locally in a factory in Teesside. YANA sources its fabrics from mills in The Midlands, and avoids Co2 emissions from long haul transportation. Also, a small amount of wholesale pieces are sourced from ethically transparent and vegan-friendly facilities.

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“Creating an ethical, sustainable brand isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight. We know that sustainability is immensely important for all businesses,” said YANA™ Active’s Co-Founder, Charlotte Wilson.

Find out more here: https://www.yanaactive.co.uk