BioVate Hygienics: Carbon Neutral Cleaning Products For All.

BioVate Hygienics has launched with an ambitious pledge to establish itself as the country’s ‘go-to’ brand for sustainable, carbon-neutral cleaning products.

The ground-breaking start-up was co-founded and launched last summer (2022) by an experienced environmental entrepreneur, named Nick Winstone, with a vision to use cutting edge innovation(s) – to deliver the next generation of biological cleaning products (with the lowest environmental impact packaging).

Based in Towcester, Northamptonshire, BioVate’s mission is to change the way that Britain cleans, by providing the nation with products that use 100% natural biological, plant-based liquids, as well as utilizing ground-breaking packaging that is reusable and renewable, AND the move towards 100% carbon-neutral products.

BioVate provides a wide variety of products, including floor and wall de-greasers, surface cleaners and sanitizers, toilet cleaners, odor neutralizers, and more.

“We are committed to bringing the next generation of UK-manufactured, carbon neutral biotech products, with minimal packaging to market. Our mission is to establish BioVate Hygienics as the UK’s ‘go-to’ sustainable brand – with a carbon neutral range of liquid cleaning products that will change the way that Britain cleans,” said Nick Winstone.

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Sustainability is a subject that Nick has been passionate about for a long time, and actually, it was a core driving force behind his decision to enter the cleaning industry fifteen years ago. Nick drives an electric powered car, he uses solar power for most of his electricity needs, and he grows his own vegetables in the family allotment.

“We must ensure that the sustainable management of waste is a vital part of all cleaning contracts in order to preserve the environment, whilst providing a service that will exceed customer’s expectations. Biotechnology is powering a new generation of eco-friendly products,” said Nick.

“Microbes, enzymes, and naturally-derived plant extracts can get deep into porous surfaces to quickly break down and feed on stubborn grime, dirt, and grease. This type of cleaning product is especially effective at cleaning wood, tiles, and grouting, and the scourge of weekend revellers – the sticky pub table,” added Nick.

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