Surf Balm: Apprentice Candidate Joe Phillips’ Lip Care Brand

‘Saving the ocean one lip balm at a time…’ Surf Balm is the brand new sustainable lip care start-up by this year’s (2023) Apprentice candidate – Joe Phillips.

Founded in 2021, Surf Balm is Apprentice candidate Joe Phillips’ way of doing his bit for the environment (and the ocean). Whilst he was at university in Falmouth, he very quickly fell in love with the Cornish Coastline, but as a surfing lover, he hated to see the high tide mark littered with plastic.

He felt passionately about protecting our marine ecosystem, so he set out to save the ocean one lip balm at a time, and… Surf Balm was born. Surf Balm is a sustainable, ocean-friendly lip balm, that’s handmade in Cornwall from 100% natural ingredients.

Most lip balms are made from petroleum jelly (a fractional distillation of crude oil – the same stuff we put in our cars), and to make matters worse, they’re often packaged in a ‘plastic chap-stick’ – that rolls around the ocean floor for 400 years before degrading.

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“Surf Balm isn’t just a lip balm. It’s a brand that encapsulates everything we love about surfing and Cornwall,” said Joe.

Surf Balm is currently stocked in 30+ retailers in the UK, and in 20+ more retailers in South Africa.

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