Vitae: The UK Start Up That’s Reinventing Urban Agriculture.

Vitae is on a mission to reinvent urban agriculture, with an innovative indoor herb garden, Vitae Halo (following a massively successful crowdfunding campaign).

The award-winning, British agri-tech start-up over-funded its 2022 IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign in just 48 hours (the campaign raised £12,000 in backing, which was 200% of its main target goal). Also, during a Business Insider event at Capital C Amsterdam in 2022 (attended by 70 investors, and watched by 15,000 attendees), Vitæ’s Co-Founder and CBO, Arthur Georges (who is currently raising €600,000) – pitched to Willem Sijthoff.

“It was an honour to talk about the impact of agriculture, and how we try to make things better with Vitæ, live on Business Inside. We were very excited to receive such positive feedback from jury Willem Sijthoff, who clearly understood the incoming challenges our agricultural industries will be facing,” said Vitæ’s Co-Founder and CBO, Arthur Georges.

“Vitæ is on the way to closing its first seed round of funding at €600,000, which will allow us to speed up our mission to bring sustainable autonomous farms to every kitchen,” said Vitæ’s Co-Founder and COO, Isaac Conrad McNamara.

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Arthur Georges and Isaac Conrad McNamara (King’s College London alumni) Founded Vitæ in 2020 with the dream of helping people to access fresh, tasteful food – any where, any time.

The product is an innovative indoor herb garden that’s made from 100% bio-plastics – that grows fresh, tasteful herbs from 100% organic seeds and nutrients (using 90% less water than soil-based agriculture). The founders plan to build bigger, more refined units that can be domestically and commercially used in urban spaces. They’ll open urban shops for customers to buy pre-grown herbs to use in their home smart garden, too.

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