‘Thank You Thank You’ Launches Its Debut Capsule Collection.

“I wanted to design a brand where ‘feeling’ was the starting block” said Thank You Thank You‘s Samantha Crossley, following her debut capsule collection launch.

The collection focuses on comfort and utility.

It was designed with layer-able, easy fits: the archetypes of casual dress have been re-imagined to create pants, jackets, + sweatshirts that reflect our desire to be comfortable, and well-dressed.

As well as this, the collection:

  • Features elements of formal tailoring,
  • Elevates and adds functionality to casual silhouettes,
  • Is crafted from specialty fabrics (that have been treated to create a softer-than-soft texture),
  • Is produced locally in England, in batches of 10 or less (to avoid excess production and minimize waste.

Also, each garment label is finished by hand – to show the total quantity produced in each batch/production (i.e. 1/10).

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Thank You Thank You was Founded in 2022 by an Aussie named Samantha Crossley. Samantha has worked in fashion for more than a decade as a stylist. She’s also the founder of the digital creative agency, Little Digital, and she’s a frequent collaborator with Vogue and British Vogue.

“Comfort can mean many things – physical comfort, comfort in your skin, nostalgia, or sentimentality. Usually our most cherished wardrobe items are a combination of all of these things, so I wanted to design a brand where that ‘feeling’ is the starting block for every piece,” concluded Samantha.

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