PerfectTed: The Matcha Green Tea Energy Drink – In A Can.

PerfectTed is a canned energy drinks’ range with matcha green tea, that was founded by 3 housemates/best friends, Marisa Poster, and Teddie and Levi Levenfiche.

The product is Europe’s first ever matcha green tea canned energy drink, AND it’s the first ever UK based energy drink to win a Great Taste Award.

Available in three unique flavour combinations (Pear Ginger, Apple Raspberry, and Pineapple Yuzu), the team sources its single origin, organic, ceremonial grade matcha from Uji, Japan. This premium quality matcha features a sweet, umami flavour, and a bright green hue (unlike poorer substitutes – which can be bitter, grassy, and insoluble).

The drink is 100% natural with NO additives, preservatives, or added sugar, and each can contains 80mg of caffeine – as well as being 7 kcals per 100ml. Also, PerfectTed donates 1% of its sales to nonprofits.

Marisa Poster, and brothers Teddie and Levi Levenfiche met at Ivy League at the University of Pennsylvania.

They all worked in finance upon graduating. Teddie was the Head Boy at a school in London, and he was a college athlete at UPenn (who was on track towards a career in pro football), before deciding to accept a spot at Harvard Law to pursue his start-up dream. His nickname, “Perfect Ted” became the natural moniker for the business.

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The trio (who live together in London) turned to matcha whilst they were working long hours in finance (they would batch-make big jugs to get them through the week). It didn’t take long for this newly-found passion to become a search for a high quality, on-the-go, energy solution.

However, after trying a few matcha powders/drinks on the market, the trio were left feeling unsatisfied, and this was the start of the PerfectTed business.

Following six months of ‘obsessively-sourcing’ the highest quality organic, ceremonial grade matcha from farms across Japan, in April 2021, the three friends/business trio launched on Kickstarter. The campaign was 100% funded in less than one day, and it was selected by Kickstarter as a ‘Project We Love.’

Since launching, PerfectTed has generated listings in more than 500 stores across the UK and Ireland, as well as launching internationally in nine other countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, the UAE, France, and more.

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