Female Entrepreneurs Founded Over 150000 Businesses In 2022.

A new record: 151,603 businesses were founded by female entrepreneurs in 2022, according to the latest review by Alison Rose (NatWest Group’s Chief Executive).

Despite economic uncertainty, the number of women launching new businesses jumped up from more than 145,000 in 2021, to 151,603 in 2022 (which is more than double on 2018’s numbers) – a new record/high.

“It is brilliant to see the increasing number of female entrepreneurs launching businesses in the UK, and this continued rise will be at the centre of growing the business economy. The increase over the past year serves as a clear example for how further investment into female leaders can empower a more inclusive scope of businesses,” said Sheila Flavell CBE, FDM Group’s Chief Operating Officer.

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The Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship provides an annual barometer of the disparity between female and male entrepreneurs. It was first commissioned in 2019 by HM Treasury – based on a survey of business leaders, investors, and academics.

The government is hoping to increase the number of female entrepreneurs to 600000 by 2030.