India’s Own Aranyani – Opens Its 1st Concept Store In London

Aranyani’s atelier is based in the Indian city of Bengaluru. Aranyani brings together the best heritage artistry from India, before crafting them onto the bags.

Aranyani is a luxury international handbag brand that originates from India. The products are built on traditional design techniques, such as 24-karat gold-gilding, hand-painting, hand-embroidery, and precious gemstones.

Aranyani’s Founder and Creative Director, Haresh Mirpuri uses the finest Italian leather – to design timeless pieces, with international appeal.

Each handbag is the result of inspiration, talent, and craftsmanship. By adopting the atelier format of making bespoke pieces, Aranyani embraces SAI (Service, Awareness, and Inclusivity) values. Aranyani’s bags are intimate and trustworthy to the modern woman.

Haresh Mirpuri (Aranyani’s Founder) began his journey in the clothing industry – in Indonesia in May 1993. Having completed his training in Garment Manufacturing Technology in Busan (South Korea) and in Japan, he worked in the industry for several years, before he started to see the negative impact(s) of mass manufacturing.

A lover of nature, Haresh came up with the idea of an atelier-style manufacturing for a brand that he created with deep love, Aranyani, which he launched in June 2016.

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“We took three years to train our people to make world class bags. India has some of the finest craftspeople in the world, but we were not bag makers. I was blessed to have met Raphael Lombardo in Italy. He coached our people to understand leather and bag manufacturing,” said Haresh.

Now, Aranyani has opened its doors to its first concept store in London (21 Bruton St, Mayfair) – to coincide with its AW22/23 collection launch.

The new store is located in London’s exclusive Mayfair district, and it’s split across two levels. The ground floor area (550sq ft) is primarily for retail — creating a calm and inviting space to showcase the exquisite quality and artisanal skills used to make each bag.

“The opening of our first store in Mayfair is our commitment to our global audience. The store embodies the values, aesthetics and experience that we wish to share with everyone,” concluded Aranyani’s Founder Haresh Mirpuri.

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