Lixirskin: Multi-Tasking Skincare – Designed For Minimalists

Lixirskin‘s Founder Dr. Colette Haydon – decided to launch her own brand after years of formulating products for other skincare brands, incl. REN and Jo Malone.

The concept behind Lixirskin, is multi-tasking: “a good formula does it all,” said Dr. Colette Haydon.

Dr. Colette has distanced Lixirskin from the scheme of products that are dedicated to the face, neck, or eye.

“All skin shares the same needs, and so Lixirskin delivers multi-tasking heroes that make an instant difference, and work for everyone, without overloading the skin. The products feature clever, active formulations for a minimalist routine,” said Dr. Colette.

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“The natural versus synthetic battle is dated. Not all chemistry is bad. There are simply good ingredients – safe, effective, sustainable, and formulated correctly, and there are bad ingredients – harmful and ineffective. There is a misconception that natural products should contain many botanical extracts which often have little effect. We focus on pure molecules with published clinical results,” concluded Dr. Colette.

On 6th March (2023), Lixirskin is also launching a Menopausal formulation, called ‘Night Switch Phytoestrogen & Peptide,’ which Dr. Colette has been working on for a long time.

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